OUR PROJECTS in a nutshell

Above all, SINGA is a professional community for artists, athletes, students etc.
It is a human beings community willing to know and understand each others. The magic rapidly works: new friendships arise, week-ends and afterworks get organized, battles are fought for housing and jobs finding, French or Arabic languages learning sessions being held, cooking recipes and cultures are shared! From meeting people come the social participation so.. include!
At SINGA everyone can be involved. It could be couple hours per year or per week. You may have an empty bedroom or want to share a soccer game, to play the drums? Before you know it, you are changing new people's lives. 




Newcomers/natives groups of people meet around common passions


SINGA's community headquarters! In this place reigns a strong energy. It is the perfect place to chat, meet and do unplanned games and activities


Duos making between newcomer and native to discover the SINGA community


"CALM" (Comme A La Maison): French acronym for Make Yourself At Home, fostering refugees inclusion with inclusive flatsharing