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OUR PROJECTS in a nutshell

SINGA is first and foremost a community of human beings who want to meet and understand each other.

At SINGA, anyone can get involved as much or as little as they like, no matter whether you can contribute a few hours a year or a week, you have a spare room, or you just fancy playing football or a bit of percussion. You’ll be enriching each other's lives without even noticing!  

Thanks to our inclusive structure, which values everybody’s autonomy, every member of our community has the opportunity to propose and organise projects. SINGA's goal is to change the image of new arrivals in the host society and the way people look at immigration; much more than charity, this is a real win-win project.


At SINGA we meet-up in three different ways: in GROUPS, as ‘BUDDIES’ and at HOME, through 5 projects:






We meet in GROUPS to do activities: football, painting, capoeira, singing, dancing ... there is something for everyone! 


HQ of the community!

We meet every Monday and Thursday, in GROUP, for the simple pleasure of hanging out and chatting together

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Matching of PAIRS, who participate in activities together, as “buddies”

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Matching of PAIRS who do administrative tasks 

Comme A La Maison (just like home) creating supportive HOUSE SHARES

If you want to get involved, join us for an introductory session so that you can get all the info about becoming a volunteer!

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