Duos making between newcomer and native to discover the SINGA community!

SINGA's objective it to connect Belgium newcomers and natives through group activities.
To become a buddy means discovering the SINGA community differently, being careful to one another and ready to build a relationship together! Why duos?
As it is essential for everyone to find one's place, to one's own rythm within the SINGA community, doing it in duo is better. In joining the buddy program, duos commit to participate jointly to 4 events minimum within the 2 months after the first meeting. Well of course you are welcome to also meet outside of the SINGA events!

Check out our FAQ for more info !


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Contact: Marie Pichault
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With the support of the Benoît Foundation, Stichting Spring, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the NIF Foundation, the 4Wings Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation, the SOMFY Foundation, the Vinci Fund, the Amélie Fund, Action Vivre Ensemble, EPIM and the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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