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Becoming a BUDDY means being part of SINGA and making connections in a different way: in a pair!


We understand that joining the SINGA activities can be a challenge for people who feel less confident in large groups, people who do not speak French well, or who are still in the process of learning about the city and the culture of Brussels. But buddying up and participating in SINGA activities in pairs allows you to take part at your own pace, and to meet dozens of other SINGA members together.


To participate in the buddy project, the pair commits to taking part in 4 activities within 2 months of meeting each other. During these activities they get to know each other and look out for each other.


Of course, you are free to see each other outside of the SINGA activities and to build a relationship that suits you!


Check out our FAQ below for more info !

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Refugees who join the CALM project are often happy to have a helping hand with their various administrative procedures.


As an ADMINBUDDY, you support your partner with their administrative tasks and/or housing search.


To participate you’ll need:

- Time during the day

- To participate in an information meeting and a half-day training session beforehand!


Need more information? Visit our FAQ below or contact us!a

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FAQ Buddies et AB


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