Allowing refugees to access flatsharing in Brussels.

Comme A La Maison connects Brussels housemates and refugees and enables them to share their housing on a long-term basis. Together, you live a rich experience, encourage diversity and create opportunities to discover new realities.


How does it work?


On the one hand, there is a flat with an empty room with Brussels natives who would like to discover new ways of living, thinking, or cooking.


If you are already convinced by this project or simply interested in discussing it with us in person, please give us a call, or fill in the form below!

If you do not have a flat to share, the domiciliation is not possible at your place or your room is only available for a few months, there are plenty alternatives, let's talk about it :-) !

Criterias to participate :
- Be living in one of the Brussels-Capital county
- Have an empty room, or one that soon will become available
- Can speak English or French languages
- Be at least 20 years old
- Allow domiciliation

On the other hand, there is a refugee looking for accommodation, eager to discover Brussels, its inhabitants, languages, habits, tastes and colors.

Criterias to participate:

- Have a refugee status or being under subsidiary protection

- Willing to share a flat in Brussels

- Can speak French, English or Dutch languages

- Be at least 18 years old


In between you, there is an "AdminBuddy" to support the refugee in administrative procedures: Refugees who enter a flatsharing arrangement are often delighted to get some help with their various administrative paperwork!

Criterias to participate:

- Have some time during the day

- Participate in a briefing meeting in advance!

Et enfin ..  SINGA, pour vous mettre en lien et vous accompagner dans cette aventure !

Envie d'un peu plus d'informations ? Rendez-vous sur notre FAQ ou contactez nous ! 

Ce qui t'intéresse
Contact: Lionel Defraigne

In France, CALM has already made it possible to realize more than 400 receptions in 300 families in 2 years. More information on this link.

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With the support of the Benoît Foundation, Stichting Spring, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the NIF Foundation, the 4Wings Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation, the SOMFY Foundation, the Vinci Fund, the Amélie Fund, Action Vivre Ensemble, EPIM and the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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