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Comme A La Maison links house shares in Brussels with refugees, welcoming them in the shared home. This creates rich experiences, promotes diversity and opens up new experiences.


How does it work?

On the one hand, a spare room available in a shared house of bruxellois who would like to discover other ways of living, thinking, or cooking. You will need:

- A spare bedroom in the Bruxelles-Capitale area

- To be able to communicate in French or English

- Possibility for domiciliation of a new housemate for at least a year (if you have a room for a just few months, we have an alternative option)

On the other hand, a refugee looking for a place to live and willing to discover Brussels, its inhabitants, its languages, its ways, its tastes and its colours who is:

- Motivated to live in a shared house

- Aged 18+

- Has refugee status or subsidiary protection

- Able to communicate in French or English

At the same time, an ADMINBUDDY can team up with the refugee to tackle administrative tasks together.

Découvrez des témoignages de colocataires et adminbuddies !

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