Les projets de SINGA sont actuellement adaptés aux nouvelles mesures Covid, on a toujours besoin de vous ! 

Il est toujours possible de:

- devenir Buddy : former un binôme qui s'engage à se balader 4 fois endéans les 2 mois

- participer aux activités (en extérieur ou en ligne, consultez notre agenda)

- proposer une chambre à une personne réfugiée pour un prix modéré

(entre 100 et 300 euros par mois)


In 2016, a group of citizens noticed the difficulties faced by newcomers to the city of Brussels to meet people living in the city and actively engage with Belgian life.


Meeting local people considerably helped newcomers to learn and practice the national language, understand its culture as well as opening up opportunities for work, housing and leisure.


At SINGA, we aim to create spaces for people to meet, exchange ideas and foster collaboration between newcomers and locals. The aim is to create a society rich because of its diversity, where everyone, regardless of their background, can realise their potential.


SINGA is above all a community. A community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, students...

It is a community of humans. People who want to get to know and understand each other.


At SINGA, anyone has the opportunity to join or carry out projects or activities of their own choice, to lead workshops, meetings, activities and by doing so become an active member of the SINGA community!



Locals and newcomers brog-ught together through shared interests

Places for chatting, meeting up and meeting new people

Matching two people who share common interests

Hosting as a springboard for refugee's integration




To inform locals about the cultural wealth brought by newcomers and to shift the narrative on refugees and asylum seekers.


To create spaces and opportunities where newcomers and locals can meet and exchange


To identify the challenges and barriers faced by newcomers and provide innovative solutions to help them overcome these challenges.




SINGA means "link" in Lingala. Founded in France in 2012, SINGA is now an international community existing in 8 countries with more than 30,000 members.


SINGA aims to foster social innovation and cultural enrichment by creating places for locals and newcomers to meet, exchange ideas and create a more inclusive society.


Thanks to our inclusive and empowering model, every member of our community has the opportunity to propose their own ideas and bring them to fruition. It is through this approach that SINGA aims to change perceptions of newcomers in the welcoming society and to bring about a shift from an approach based on charity to the creation of a win-win project.

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Avec le soutien de soutien de la Fondation Benoît, Stichting Spring, la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la Fondation NIF, la Fondation 4Wings, Fondation Roi Baudouin, Fondation SOMFY, le Fonds Vinci, le Fonds Amélie, Action Vivre Ensemble, EPIM et la Commission communautaire française de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale 

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