Above all, SINGA is a Brussels-based multicultural community composed of professionals, artists, athletes, students, coming from all over the world and who are willing to know and understand one another. In an ever-more diverse society, SINGA offers opportunities to meet and develop new friendships, through weekly sports and cultural activities, through a Buddying project and through flatsharing. Most of all, SINGA offers a community life centered on solidarity, participation and connecting people. 

At SINGA everyone can get involved, for a couple hours per week, per month or per year. You may have an empty bedroom to rent, you may want to join a soccer game, or play drums at a SINGA Bazar... Before you know it, you are changing somebody's day, or life!




Newcomers/locals groups of people meet around common passions, sport and cultural activities 


SINGA's community headquarters! In this place reigns a strong energy. It is the perfect place to chat, meet, and play games in a cosy atmosphere.


Duos making between newcomers and locals to discover Brussels and the SINGA community


"CALM" (Comme A La Maison): French acronym for Make Yourself At Home, fostering refugees inclusion with inclusive flatsharing


Back 2016 in Brussels, a group of citizens got involved in the welcoming newcomers (asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented people) in the wake of the reception crisis occuring in Belgium.  In a context marked by a lack of inclusivity and meeting spaces, they got to witness just how difficult it can be for newcomers to actually meet and bond with the local population. Yet, having the possibility to develop social capital is essential to feel fully included in Brussels! It allows one to learn and practice a language, to discover the city and its culture, to access more professional or housing perspectives. Most of all, connecting with people is central to everyone's well-being and self-esteem!

SINGA's main goal is to facilitate those connections between newcomers and Brussels locals, through collective activities, duos (Buddies) and flatmateships. Those encounters have a potential to broaden opportunities for newcomers, and to enrich the Belgian society with a diversity where each and everyone finds a place to develop their own potential. 


singa mission informer


 SINGA raises awareness within the host society on the many ways in which immigration is a source of cultural and social wealth. We believe real-life encounters actively contribute to the dismantling of representations, stereotypes and prejudice towards asylum seekers and newcomers. Rather than caricaturing migration matters, SINGA seeks to broadcast comprehensive, reliable and useful information. 


Connect newcomers with members of the host society. SINGA's true purpose is to connect people, and to contribute to a society that is more inclusive and solidary. To do so, SINGA creates opportunities for people to know and discover one another, and to learn how to live together in the best conditions.

singa mission innover


 Innovate through the search for new ways of tackling the obstacles newcomers often face. SINGA promotes an inclusive and egalitarian approach, enabling each and everyone to be an actor of change while supporting them in their individual projects




SINGA is the Lingala word for "link". The organization originally started in France in 2012 and is now a worldwide movement present in 8 countries! At SINGA, we promote social cohesion and cultural enrichment through the development of opportunities for locals and newcomers to meet, share and collaborate. Our inclusive vision and functioning support individual autonomy, and enable every community member to seize opportunities and carry out their own projects. SINGA aims for changing perspectives on immigration and spreading a fair and positive image of newcomers in the host society. A true win-win project for anyone who wants to get involved!

Singa dans le monde