Taking part to the events already means to Act!
Bringing your energy to those meetings equals to building an even more intercultural Brussels city.

If you are passionate or willing to meet new people, join us!
Be curious, open the door, we will be welcoming you warmingly!

SINGA's events are free entrance and opened to all!


Every SINGA's events are organized by "connectors" who are motivated people, convinced that the best way to connect newcomers and natives are to meet around common passions!

A group of volunteers who want to have a positive impact and create a connection by suggesting:

cooking, soccer games, running, yoga, salsa, swing, danse on drums, chatting, drawing, theatre plays etc. or any other great ideas.


Our ambassadors are people who are inspired by our approach and want to share it with others!

As an ambassador, you help us broadcast our message to your workplaces, universities, schools etc. You are our eyes, our ears and our representatives in the field :) What is the goal? The goal is to find new opportunities to promote the SINGA organization (stands, conferences, afterworks, Facebook invitations, social networks publications etc.)


Financial support are essential for SINGA's existence!

To deliver quality services and have a real societal impact, we need to recruit and remunerate competent people.

Whether you are able to support us up to 1 euro per month or to make larger donations (one-off or regular), we would be happy to discuss it or to meet with you!


When you are a buddy you will be connecting to another person who will be your SINGA duo!

Be a buddy means to meet, connect and hepl one another!

With SINGA's support in the duo discovery, you commit to participate jointly to 4 events minimum within the 2 months after the first meeting.


Do you want to create an inclusive flatsharing chosing a refugee as your new flatmate? This is possible thanks to the "CALM" (Comme A La Maison) initiative: French acronym for Make Yourself At Home.

SINGA sets you up and follows up with you all along the project!



We are always looking for talent who put their time to work on the project!

If you are looking for a more permanent commitment than those proposed on this page, do not hesitate to apply for joinning the team!

For internships, you must be available at least 28h per week for 4 months.


You are not in a position to support us, but you would like to spread our message, contribute to make us known, and to help us raise funds for SINGA?

There are plenty of possibilities!

Even if it is only a few hundred EUR, these funds are essential for SINGA's organization and development, and they will be used directly on the field in Brussels!


As coordinator you are acting as the arms, feet and heads of the BAZAR.
You are here to welcome newcomers, ensure nice atmosphere, take care of the logistics, be a SINGA representative and make BAZAR the unique place to meet in Brussels!

Joining the coordinator team, you commit to participate and share your energy on the many organized BAZAR at least twice a month.


When you are an AdminBuddy you will be supporting the necessary adminstrative procedures for a host from the "CALM" program. You will be helping to set up bank accounts, social security, insurance and other administrative paperwork.

SINGA will obviously train you so you know all about Admin!


Subscribing to the "SINGA Gazette" allows you to get essential news from us once a month! Here is the link (http://eepurl.com/daH8I9)

Psst... a special newsletter for partners also exists (to access it, contact cerise@singa-belgium.org)


Do you have a space, equipment or other resources that could be used by SINGA or SINGA's members?

We are always looking for places to host our activities and events! We are interested in any indoor or outdoor space, private or public, where 10 to 200 people can meet!

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With the support of the Benoît Foundation, Stichting Spring, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the NIF Foundation, the 4Wings Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation, the SOMFY Foundation, the Vinci Fund, the Amélie Fund, Action Vivre Ensemble, EPIM and the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region.

SINGA commits to respect your privacy when processing your personal data in accordance with the European Data Protection Act. The general terms and conditions and privacy policy are set out in the attached document