By participating at SINGA activities you already have a positive impact. Adding your energy to the group helps to create an intercultural and more open society in Brussels : all activities are free and open to all ! 

Join us to discover a new passion, join us to meet new people. Dare and just turn up, we will be here with open arms :).


SINGA activities are organised by Connectors : motivated people who are convinced that the best way to connect locals and newcomers is to gather around a common passion.


Connectors are a group of volunteers who want to have a positive impact and connect people together by proposing activities like :

Cooking classes, football, running, yoga, dance (Swing, Salsa), painting, drama or any other genius ideas...


The best way for people to find out about SINGA is to hear about it from someone who has experienced SINGA first-hand. This is where our ambassadors come into play - people inspired by SINGA's approach and who want to share it with others.


We're looking for ambassadors to help take SINGA's message into worksplaces, universities, schools, to seek out opportunities and to be our eyes and ears in the field. Does this sound like something for you?


Donations are the lifeblood of our work, whether you are able to give a few euros a month or if you can afford to give bigger amounts.

All donation received will go directly towards building a stronger community and will help us take SINGA to more places around Brussels and Belgium ! 

We'll be happy to discuss any interest you have in supporting SINGA, just reach out to us :)


Being a Buddy means you will be in contact with someone and you'll become a pair within the SINGA community.

Being a Buddy means you are willing to meet, be in touch and help each other out !

In order to be a Buddy, you agree to be in contact with your Buddy and let SINGA guide you through this new kind of friendship for at least a month !


You have a spare room that is not being used and you would like some professional support to host a refugee ?

SINGA has now a strong experience in linking families and refugees together, preparing the hosting family, and supporting you throughout this experience of a lifetime !

Alongside, the refugee will be supported by a trained volunteer for his administrative procedures.


We are always keen on having new energies join the team. People who can offer enthusiasm to our programs and enrich them with their skills.

If you are looking for a long term position with us, please get in touch!


Please note that for internships, you should be available on a 28h/week basis.


SINGA not only relies on volunteers donating their time and amazing energy, it also depends on the enthusiasm of our supporters to help raise awareness and generate funds.


There are many fun and brilliant ways in which you can help us fundraise!


As a Bazar Coordinator, you are the arms, feet and head of this weekly event !
You are responsible for heartily welcoming new members, ensuring the SINGAtmosphere, helping with the logistics, and making sure that the Bazar remains a unique place to meet new people in Brussels.

Being a Bazar Coordinator means you agree on adding your great energy to the Bazars twice a month.


Finding your way through Belgian administrative procedures can be a challenge for newcomers. 

AdminBuddies offer support to help get through the administrative maze of starting start a new life in Belgium (opening a bank account, a new insurance, etc.)

SINGA can offer AdminBuddy training for anyone available during day time who also speaks French or Dutch. 


Sign up to SINGA's Gazette and get our latest news once every 2 months.

A special Newsletter can also be sent to partners with relevant information, on a once/month basis (contact cerise@singa-belgium.org).


Do you have or know of a space that could host SINGA's activities and events?


We are always looking for new spaces to host a wide range of activities - anything suitable for sports, workshops, gatherings, networking or social events!

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